About Us

We are committed to deliver a product with an exclusive style, which prioritizes the criteria of the highest quality.

Each garment, ethically made in Uruguay with high-quality European materials and fabrics, promises the ideal blend of sophistication and support.

Jibona adapts to the body of each woman, providing styles with the the perfect fit highlighting female sensuality.

Our process

We are committed to a respectful future with the planet.

We collaborate with suppliers that have the highest quality with the least impact on the environment and people. We ensure that in all our production chain workers working conditions are respected.

The energy used for our printing process is generated by solar green energy, and the use of water has been reduced by 100%.


Values associated with our culture determine the identity of our company. Seriousness, commitment, honesty, customer orientation and progress are the main pillars that base our way of acting and relating.

Our Fabrics

The choice of our fabrics helps to reduce the environmental impact. We use high quality sustainable European fabrics and materials. Most of our swimwear is made using sustainable VITA, made of ECONYL®, a regenerated polyamide yarn with UV 50+ protection. ECONYL® is made out of 100% regenerated fiber - which means no waste and no new resources were harmed in the production. It actually rescues waste from oceans and landfills like fishing nets, carpet fluff, and fabric scraps. ECONYL® is Oeko-Tex certified which ensures that there are no hazardous chemicals used in dyeing the fabric. Also, we use an ecological yarn ECO WAVE®. This fabrics are knitted with premium post consumer recycled yarns from plastic bottles and garbage recovered from the mediterranean Sea. All our swimwear yarns are Biodegradable, creating a loop regeneration processes and driving the industry towards a sustainable future.